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The Doctor (10) - Delightfully Broadway

jetpack_monkey in jetpackvampire

The Dr. Whorrible Masterlist

A little project that qkellie and I are working on -- Doctor Who vids set to songs from Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog. She started it! Links lead to our individual journals.

The Vids (in order of song's appearance in Dr. Horrible)

Act I:

The Dr. Horrible Theme by qkellie -- Let's begin at the beginning, shall we? Blink-and-you'll-miss-them spoilers for the whole series through Season 4.

The Doctor's Freeze Ray by jetpack_monkey -- Not even a Time Lord can stop the slow path. 10/Reinette. Seriocomic. Spoilers for Season 2.

The Master and the Bad Horse Chorus by jetpack_monkey -- The Master receives a long-awaited phone call. Comedy/crack. Major spoilers through 3x13, one teensy minor spoiler for 4x12.

A Man's Gotta Do by qkellie -- Nine tries to save the day, but Cap'n Jack keeps hogging the spotlight... and Rose. Comedy. Spoilers for Season 1.

Act II:

My Eyes by qkellie -- The Doctor and The Master give in to darkness, while Martha finds hope. Drama. Spoilers for Season 3.

The Master and the Bad Horse Reprise by jetpack_monkey -- Bad Horse is not pleased with The Master. At all. Comedy/crack. Spoilers through Season 3.

Brand New Day by jetpack_monkey -- Let's say it's a darkly comedic take on the Doctor vs. Daleks with an end-of-Season 4 twist.

Act III:

So They Say by qkellie -- Captain Jack has a new squeeze and Torchwood (and, well, everyone) reacts. Seriocomic. Spoilers for Season 2 of Torchwood and Season 4 of Doctor Who.

Slipping by jetpack_monkey -- Davros has an evil plan to knock the Doctor off of his pedestal. Oh, yeah, and world domination. That too. Comedy-ish. Spoilers for the end of Doctor Who Season 4.

Everything You Ever by qkellie -- The Doctor contemplates his actions at the end of Season Four. Angst. Spoilers through 4x13.

Now with embedded playlist:

Coming Up:

Everyone's a Hero by jetpack_monkey
Caring Hands by qkellie
Penny's Song by qkellie
Horrible Credits by jetpack_monkey


Alright, that's it. Heroes may just have to wait a night while I finish up the last series of Who, cause obviously I'm gonna need to see ALL of these videos sooner rather than later!
Finally hit upon a concept for "My Eyes," so that'll be coming as well. :D We are so full of awesome.
Added! And yes we are.
ILU. ILU both!
We aim to please!
last night I was lying in bed sick as a dog, entertaining myself by replaying the bad horse and brand new day vids in my head, and as I'm lying there I wake my wife up and tell her.

"mans gotta do...has to be cpt jack and the doctor"

and today I get pointed to this site and BAM I was out thought!

Please, everyone...keep them coming. I love these!
Wow, glad we could help make a bad day not nearly so bad. And sorry for the out-thinking! We've mapped out concepts for the rest of the songs, nearly (plus there's a few that qkellie did that I have a different take on and vice-versa).
Sorry if I read your mind. ;) We've got more coming!
i have no problem with the mind reading.

it makes me feel good that I was thinking like another director!
*looks thoughtful* "Story of a Girl" could do really well with Martha, and the end of Season 3, you know...?
qkellie and I have discussed that one and there's a few ideas being bounced back and forth.
Yay! *looks forward to whatever you guys come up with*
Thanks for letting me play with your idea SG-1 style. Here's what I came up with SG-1: Absolute Power (Dr. Horrible Version). I also pimped your vids and linked back here. : )
Wow, neat! I'm personally clueless about SG-1, but you've done quite nicely there! :)
Thank you! It's pretty hard to make a funny video out of that episode (would have thought impossible, actually) but it worked with Brand New Day!

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there are no words to explain how giddy this makes me
Glad you're enjoying! :)
Dude. This is freaking brill.

A Man's Gotta Do is AWESOME. Everything You Ever nearly made me cry, My Eyes is perfect, Brand New Day is hilariously awesome-- THEY'RE ALL GREAT. PERFECTLY EPICALLY GREAT.

Did I mention brilliant?

<3 *meme'd*
Thank you! We're loving making these and loving that folks are loving them.
you guys are geniuses. srsly.
This project is brilliant!
I really loove these!
Would you guys mind if i posted them over at doctorwho for all of them to enjoy?
I was posting some over there, but certainly feel free.
These are simply fantastic. Keep 'em coming! I'm pimping!
Brilliant. Definitely brilliant :)
These are brilliant and strangely appropriate. Love the great work, but I'm sad that you're going to be out of material soon!

Brand New Day is my favorite thus far.
It doesn't feel like soon, with three more to go each, but these tend to go fast...

I'm glad you're enjoying it!
Brilliant! You all did a great job! Can't wait for the next videos.
(And I love the Penny/Donna-thing :D)
these are great.
FYI, at least "My Eyes" has been taken down.
Really? I was able to play My Eyes without a problem.
No idea. I ran it through again and got the "We're sorry, this video is no longer available." message.
This project is genius (read: crack). I love the Bad Horse choruses!
Just stumbled on these -- and they're absolutely brilliant. :) Love "Brand New Day" and "Everything You Ever" most, I think, even though it's difficult to pick. The angst in that last one is especially poignant, easily one of the best end-of-S4 vids out there.